This Page Will Contain Pictures Of The Men Of The 57th Transportation Company

                                   NAM NOMADS


The first few will be rubbings from the WALL of the MEN from the 57th that didn't make it home but LIVE on in our HEARTS and MINDS.



These first 2 pictures were contributed by Gary Kennedy, Randy's nephew.

RandyKennedy2.jpg (25169 bytes)Randyclub3.jpg (11982 bytes)  I had the honor of serving aboard the APC that the 57th had for convoy security during our time at Khe Sanh in 1971with Randy.


The next few are of Capt. David Burdloff, C.O. of the 57th in 1969-70

Then we have Capt. Victor Matich, C.O. of the 57th during my tour of 1970-71. Also Lt. Sam Hoskins and our resident surfer type (have no idea why we thought this.) Lt. Earl Mikolitch.

captburdloff.jpg (35810 bytes) Capt. Burdloff lent his copy of the company yearbook from 1970. 


captmatich1.jpg (25648 bytes)captmatich2.jpg (25045 bytes) Capt. Matich trying to look cool outside his hootch.


ltsamdeadtired.jpg (22852 bytes)ltsamallcleanedup.jpg (27955 bytes)ltsamandjeep.jpg (34098 bytes)  Here the Lt. looks dog tired. Rough day on the "roads" of Vietnam can do that to you. In the second one he finally gets cleaned up. In the third one he is looking like Major Frank Burns of MASH fame trying to get permission to drive the jeep.


companyclerk1.jpg (25119 bytes)companyclerk2.jpg (24586 bytes)  This is the company orderly room. The first is of papa sanh and Curtis Queens (named supplied by Jimmy Peacock) and that is Jimmy Peacock in the second photo with his feet up on the desk.


The next 2 are of Kenneth Black, one of the company clerks during my tour.kenblack1.jpg (31728 bytes)kenblack2.jpg (33730 bytes)

This Walter Hollister and David Joseph. Walter was from Wisconsin back then and David was from Massachusetts. Lost track of both of them but I have located Walter. It was good to hear his (25336 bytes)


This next couple of pictures were supplied by Brad Kelley.

companynightandlifersign.jpg (94905 bytes) This the 3rd platoon enjoying the night. Notice the sign but they still did the job as needed.

2guysintent.jpg (77018 bytes)  I'm gonna say that this is Ed Dufresne (Hippy) and Brad Kelley (Jolly Green) enjoying some time off.

In this next one you see Sgt. Acuna (acting First Sargent when I got in country) and I think Sgt. Emmit sitting on the steps. I could be wrong, it has happened in the past.2guysindoorway.jpg (89476 bytes)